Our Goal:  Help Local businesses and Local restaurants succeed and grow through effective indoor digital signage. Successful Local businesses lead to a thriving community.

Why JetStream Digital?

At JetStream Digital we have two primary missions that assist us in reaching our goal.

1. Help our Local businesses (Our Advertising Clients)…reach Local consumers.

2. Help our Local restaurants (Our Host Partners)…grab their patron’s attention.

Advertising Clients – Local Business Owners

At JetStream Digital our focus is to provide indoor digital signage/marketing in the Local area’s most popular restaurants. We create custom high definition digital advertisements that enable Local business owners (our advertising clients) to reach their targeted Local consumer market(s). Through our incredibly effective indoor marketing platform, Local businesses grow their brand recall, increase sales and find employees.


Host Partners – NO COST SERVICE

JetStream Digital’s indoor marketing screens allow our Host Partner restaurants to grab their customers attention through high definition marketing spots and entertaining trivia. Our NO COST platform enables our Host Partner restaurants to introduce new menu items, high margin items, drink specials, appetizers, desserts, gift card sales, special events, kids night, email club and many other restaurant related promotions. This is done through creation of 15 high definition ad spots to market to your patrons while they’re eating or while waiting to be seated. This proven marketing platform can be changed monthly and most importantly, our equipment, ALL ad creation and monthly maintenance is absolutely NO COST and NO COMMITMENT.

Become A Host

JetStream Digital is a
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